I watched a video of a Chinese insulting Africans and i felt very sad.
He reckons the Europeans left us a lot in terms of say infrastructure and we were to build on that but instead of going forward, we went backwards.

I wish I could meet this Chinese and tell him how ignorant he was.

You can leave us with the best of all infrastructure but if we have been psychologically tormented, making us to believe we are incapable, second class humans or not the same as the white man, everything will come to nuts.

Let’s take ourselves back in the days of colonialism in Ghana.

How were we treated mentally? Were our colonial masters under the same laws as us? Were they law abiding? Your guess is as good as mine.
Gradually, it was been established in our minds that with power, you become superhuman.
They left and the ones among us who took over had that mindset and as such felt superior and felt as if we all were not under the same laws. This feeling or behaviour has been passed on from generation to generation.

In line with this, although Dr Kwame Nkrumah did very well in terms of infrastructure, I would have loved it more if he had extremely worked on our psychological status.
That I believe would have let us keep and maintain the little he would have done because we would have been psychologically strong in keeping them.

We have emptied our pockets/coffers into infrastructure thinking that’s the way forward.
That’s why I am of the view that a leader who wouldn’t put up Conscious strategies to shape us psychologically is only doing an exercise in futility.

To this effect, I side with Bro Ishmael Tetteh who said, empty your pockets into your mind, empty your mind into your spirit and then your spirit will feed you with ideas to fill your pockets.

We as Africans and Ghanaians for that matter are doing the opposite. Emptying our coffers into infrastructure and others forgetting the most important of all- The Mind.

Just imagine how our education has been structured.
Does it harness our creativity?
It teaches us what to think and not how to think.
What to think keeps us in a box and how to think keeps us outside the box.

Sometimes I don’t blame the ones who have been stuck in their partisan boxes, you know why? Our education has kept us in boxes for a long time and politics is no exception.

I sometimes pity our country so much so and my heart bleeds for her.

Sometimes when I question if our leaders know the real problems we have as a nation- this is my reason.

We have option A- work on infrastructure and B- work on our psychologically status. A just gives us the superficial change and B would give us the real change we need. We have chosen to go for option A which has always given us less of the desired change we want.

In line with this, I wouldn’t sit for an ignorant Chinese to insult Africans when he himself can’t define the real problems of Africa.

I will continue to say, let’s check our programming.

The generational effect of this problem is that, we will pass the same definition of our problems to generations to come and that will be more than a nightmare.

Rather if people like Agya Akrasi and the rest figure out it is beyond the mere rhetoric of a Blackman not capable of managing their affairs and we begin to reprogram ourselves and pass it on to generations to come , we will begin to see real changes in our country.

To make it very easy, I asked if we are naturally born to be greedy?
The lazy thinkers would possibly go into the bible and call on Adam and the test to explain but let me make it very easy for you.
Have a supposed corrupt parents and instead give baby to a supposed not corrupt parents to bring baby up. What would be the corruption status of this child as other things being equal? Your guess may be as good as mine.

Let’s wake up from our slumber.

Be on the look out for – World Empowered Youth, a project to shape the mindset of our youth.
Papa Smiley
Akwantufuo Radio.