What Have You Done?



It has become a norm in Ghana that a change in our political terrain simply means a change from one party to the other.
I refer to that as a change for mediocres irrespective of whatever theories you can propound to defend your stand.

The menace has become the most destructive component to our journey to development and until it is addressed the conscious change we need as a nation will be a mirage.

At the centre of this menace is the media who through their activities shape the mind of the populace.

The multi million dollar question then is; as a media person, what have you practically done to ensure that if the NDC is to stay, a better NDC is doing that and if the NPP is to come a better NPP is doing so?

Many media person are doing what I call “Hrebaba Politics” and that is to simply either work towards keeping the NDC in power or bringing the NPP in.
If you are one of such media persons, SHAME ON YOU!

A lot have settled with the idea that everyone is taking their share of the national cake through all possible foul means and we call people who are able to go through such means smart. Hmmmmm, you are only being smart in the short run because in the long run, you will be the biggest fool.

Let’s liken our journey to a group of people sailing in a big ship. Some of the sailers have thought of being smart. They are taking the parts of the ship to sell for their own good at the least chance. They are taking the propellers, the anchor among the rest to sell forgetting that when the ship sinks, it sinks with all the wealth they have ill gotten. In the long run, such people become the biggest fool.

The onus therefore falls on the media who are shaping the mind of millions in and outside Ghana. Many have fallen into the same category of Ghanaians who are using every possible foul means to make it to the top.
Remember your actions and inactions have a bigger negative multiplier effect.

So to my earlier question of what have you done practically to ensure a better NDC is staying or a better NPP is coming, always remember you are only been smart in the short run if you are doing anything less of making these two major parties better and if you don’t even know how to make them better through your profession, then your place is possibly not behind the microphone or belonging to the media fraternity.

I hope the media will wake up and start providing a positive multiplier effect.

Papa Smiley
Host -Bamaso
Akwantufuo Radio UK

If you wish to remains partisan in duty as a media person, simply address the howevers of the party you have chosen to make them better for Ghana.
I call it Partisan approach to Ghana First.