Torching Police post wrong – IGP


Police Chief John Kudalor has said the people of Donkorkrom had no justifiable and lawful reason to have torched the town’s police station.

“They should give me one good reason for torching the police station,” the Inspector General of Police demanded in an interview with Chief Jerry Forson on Accra100.5FM’s breakfast show Ghana Yensom on Monday, 22 August.

Irate residents of the area set the police station on fire last week during a rowdy demonstration in connection with the escape of two police officers who were arrested at near-by town Maame Krobo for their involvement in a botched heist operation of a GCB Bank bullion van. The police opened fire on the demonstrators and also fired tear gas at them as they surged on the police post to cause mayhem. The skirmishes resulted in 16 people getting injured.

Mr. Kudalor, who is on his way to Donkorkrom to meet with the District Security Council (DISEC), chiefs, opinion leaders and the local police leadership over the matter, also denied allegations levelled against him by the traditional leaders that he sided with the police on the matter.

“I haven’t taken sides,” Mr. Kudalor said, insisting the officers who were in the town are “peaceful policemen doing their lawful duties.”

He said even though there are a few “bad nuts” in the police service, not all of them can be painted with the same brush, promising that “…we’ll weed out the bad ones…”JOHN