St. Johns primary school assault: Police hunt for 6 suspects



The Nima Divisional Police is on a hunt for six men who allegedly invaded the St. Johns Primary 1&2 at Accra Newtown and assaulted almost all teachers and some pupils.

The incident which occurred on Tuesday has led to the closure of the school. It happened after a Primary 5 pupil was disciplined by a teacher for refusing to obey instructions in class.

Headmistress of the school, Grace Richman who explained the incident to Joy News said the “teacher was teaching and this girl in question was not paying attention so the teacher asked her to read from where a friend stopped but because she was not paying attention she couldn’t read.

“So the teacher said ‘I saw that you weren’t paying attention that’s why I asked you to read’ but she [the pupil] snubbed the teacher. So the treacher asked her to kneel down which she refused and in the process the teacher canned her on the arm and she [the pupil] picked her bag and went out,” she said.

She added that in just about 20 minutes the thugs came, pulled a knife at the teacher who then jumped over the wall.

She said the teachers, following the incident no longer feel safe in the school and have refused to go to the school.

“They are really traumatized and I don’t think if they go there they will do any meaningful thing,” she added.

Meanwhile the Nima Divisional Police says officers are on the hunt for the suspects.

The Police Crime Officer, Superintendent William Daah said they have gotten in touch with the pupil on whose account the incident took place.

“At the moment we are on the ground looking out for the attackers themselves, my men are on the ground and hopefully we will apprehend them,” he said.

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