NMSQ winners must unite and drive technology – KNUST Lecturer


Winners of this year’s edition of the National Science & Maths Quiz (NMSQ) must come together to drive the technology in Ghana, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. J.J. Konyo has suggested.

“These brilliant students we have identified, we should follow their progression and develop their interest to see how in future they could drive technology in this country”

“In other places what happens it if we have a hundred students and you have about twenty of them who are very brainy you put them together to become those who drive technology as far as the nation is concerned”, Ing. Dr. J.J. Konyo revealed on Ultimate FM’s morning Show.

“A couple of my colleagues who are in the Universities and some are lecturing now actually went through the Maths and Science Quiz and so when it comes to eventual benefits of Maths and Science Quiz you see one sitting in front of you now”, he told the host Lantam Papanko.

The 2017 NSMQ has been described as beautiful and superb with calls on government through the Education Ministry to give more attention to Science and Mathematics like any other subject in the educational curriculum.

However, Dr. J. J. Konyo says this is not enough and indicating that the government must do more to improve mathematics and science education in the country.

“It is not enough to understand Archimedes’ principles. …it is not enough to understand the law of rotation. You must see how that translates to how it is used in building air planes and other stuffs”, he pointed out.

“If we have computers and computer rooms it is not the issue of showing the students this is mouse, this CPU or keyboard. They should not just understand the concept but we should see it being applied”, he stated.