“Fear Voters”



In the beginning was the word and the word was not DEMOCRACY.  How did we end up with this system called Democracy which for all intent and purpose is   GREED AND SELFISHNESS rolled into one.  In a democracy, the voters get to pick who governs them and the winner is accepted by all.   USA is the father of democracy, UK being the mother, so when USA voters reject a democratically elected President then it is time to question Democracy and see it for the greed and selfishness that it is made of.

Adieus Papa and Mama Clinton, very much loved but the presidency is not the Bankam stool of Denkyira or the Britannia of England.  Cronyism, Class and patronage have no place in the 21st century politics.

Kwasia ani tea, na agoro agu.

The USA voters were left with no choice but Trump so they voted massively for Trump in protest against the establishment or in protest for their favourite Bernie Sanders being left out in the cold for Mama Clinton. The rest of the Clinton parade did not bother to go to the polls.  Apathy.    Her Asian vote was 0%.  Remember the Asian, who lost his son on the platform with Mama C, well his community did not vote.  I saw one of them on telly before voting day saying that they were not voting for Mama because of her policies in the Middle-east causing so much death to their kind.

Where will we be without our intelligence organisations, FBI, MI, and KGB?  They planned Diana’s death, allegedly, and they brought out Mama Cs email issue but cleared her just before voting day.   Their Russian colleagues remember, they set the email ball rolling.

Trump was referring to his campaign as a movement which is the acceptable term for political groupings rather than political parties which people are fed with. It worked.  Voters now want to be associated with movement’s not political parties.

Trump won not because the voters loved him so much but because they disliked his opponent so much.  Democracy is causing so much pain and poverty.

By Dr Zaza Dentu