About Us

Akwantufuo Radio is the oldest wing of Akwantufuo Media Services.

Based in London UK, it is set out to Educate, Entertain and Inform its listeners.

The thrust of Akwantufuo Radio is to let listeners know that the change they want to have in the world and Ghana for that matter must be seen in them.

We are not separate from the world and as such the change that we so much desire should begin with us.

We have a number of programs to meet the needs of the variety of our listeners worldwide.

Our studio numbers are:00442081448180, Skype:

00442081448180 Skype:

Skype: akwantufuoradio

WhatsApp: 00447440706397

Our presenters are super dedicated to make it a pleasure listening to AKwantufuo Radio.

Akwantufuo Radio, Always Ghana First!!!